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She knows that she is incompetent as an evil vampire, but her struggle to lead a more normal life is hindered because she lacks a soul.Angel often treats her with distrust and barely masked hostility, and her input, ideas, and presence are generally ignored by his team.We can't stand each other."Naturally, the two then burst into laughter and Camila even admitted that Mendes was jealous of her former relationship with 19-year-old singer-songwriter Austin Mahone."While we were on tour Austin and I were dating and Shawn was just kind of being a loaner!" she joked before adding, "Yeah he was so jealous and he couldn't come out on stage because he was just seething rage and crying blood." "remember that one time @shawnmendes and @schloss8 decided to turn me into a fruit basket while i was napping? KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN BOYS," the Fifth Harmony stunner wrote of a pic in which she's sleeping while Mendes is standing behind her making a silly face.Cordelia misunderstands her explanation, believing her to be a lesbian until the matter is cleared up by Willow in a phone call.

At this point in her un-life, Harmony feels isolated and alone.

After separating from Spike, Harmony wants to be an independent, strong vampire who can get by on her own; accordingly, in the episode "Real Me," she gathers her own gang and makes her own attempt to kill Buffy, which ends in disaster.

Her minions destroyed, Harmony returns to Spike for protection until it becomes clear that Spike's infatuation with Buffy has become an obsession (cf. Having departed Sunnydale, Harmony is next seen in the Buffy spin-off Angel, in the episode "Disharmony." She visits her old friend Cordelia in Los Angeles, not telling Cordelia she has become a vampire.

She reappears in the episode "The Harsh Light of Day" as a vampire, having retained her characteristic pettiness, susceptibility to stronger-willed people, and an affection for unicorn figurines.

Harmony begins a sexual relationship with Spike, her "blondie bear." Neither Spike nor Harmony are satisfied with their relationship; Spike is frustrated by Harmony's ignorance and clinginess while she is exasperated with his endless broken promises and repeated attempts to kill Buffy.

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